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Publishing Distribution Editing Design

     As a part of the Basic Book Setup A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing provides a spelling and punctuation "Minimal Editing" service in the formatting of the content of each book. More in depth editing can be provided as required, to the extent of a
"Full Editing", consisting of recommendations for re-writing for clarification and/or flow. Each project is evaluated and quoted
based on it's own requirements. Each client can choose the level of service they want. Some comments from our clients follow:

"A Snowy Day editing services did a wonderful job helping me edit my final manuscript for Voices from Beyond.
As a teacher, my marathon writing takes place in the summer and once school starts again. I rarely have time to slow down and go back to edit the final piece. A Snowy Day helped me slow down and focus on key areas that needed elaboration and caught silly errors I overlooked. Thank you, A Snowy Day, for offering these services."
Michelle McCorkle

I want you to know that I am pleased that A Snowy Day was able to elaborate, adding more to my book to make it more interesting. Keep up the good work!
Helen MacEachern






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