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A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing is proud to announce:                                                                                
Released! - June 2014!

The Lake Effect
Terry and Bill Monnie

Softcover ISBN:  978-1-936615-22-3
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-936615-23-0

eBook ISBN:        978-1-936615-24-7

The 1960's Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Conflict
Tested the Common Core Values of Two Brothers.

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This true life story follows two brothers, Terry and Bill Monnie, who share a common birthplace but then journey separate ways. Even in the midst of adversity that life presents them, they never, never, grow apart.

Their story begins with the LAKE that spawned them, reflecting the immutable core values that they grow up with around that LAKE, core values Terry and Bill honor throughout their lives. Each experience extremely divergent cultural and historical realities in a period of major change and unrest throughout this country and the world. Bill immerses himself in the leftist politics of the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement, both considered divergent from LAKE values. Meanwhile, Terry takes the traditional route, consistently honoring LAKE values: college and serving honorably for our country in the Vietnam Conflict. This is a true story about family - the Terry and Bill Monnie story. How does their story end? Truly that is determined by The Lake Effect.


June 2014!


The Lake Effect
Will be available through A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing, signed by the authors.

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